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You are more than a Girl Scout. You’re a G.I.R.L. (Go-getter, Innovator, Risk-taker, Leader)

We believe there’s no such thing as too much. That there’s no excuse for making excuses. Our strength doesn’t come from how much we can lift but from how often we can lift ourselves back up. We are everyday optimists. Adventure seekers. Problem solvers. We are girls, troop leaders, mentors, advocates, parents, Girl Scouts. We are G.I.R.L.s (Go-getter, Innovator, Risk-taker, and Leader). We will not stop. In fact, we’re just getting started. Renew today.


Early Bird Renewal | May 1 - June 15

It's time to renew your Girl Scout memberships, and there's something for every Early Bird this year! Check out all the fun you can have if you Early Bird renew this year:

For Girls

Each girl will receive an Early Bird patch and be invited to an exclusive Girl Scout Sunday Funday Family Field Day event.

Celebrate the start of another awesome year of Girl Scouts at Early Bird Sunday Funday! Grab your family and join us for an awesome afternoon of classic field day activities like relays, parachute games, tug-of-war, sack races, and more. Special program stations will also give participants an opportunity to discover the unique worlds of our feathery friends as they explore bird watching, the aerodynamics of flight, and nest construction. You’ll even get to create your own simple bird feeder! 

For Troop Leaders

Each troop who renews at least 2 Troop Leaders and 75% of their girls during the first week (May 1-8) will receive an exclusive Girl Scout Troop Leader t-shirt for each Troop Leader who Early Bird Renews.

For Parents

Each parent of a girl who renews early will receive a special coupon for 10% off at the GSSN Shop.

For Service Units

Each Service Unit who Early Bird renews 50% of girls and 50% of adult volunteers will earn a Girl Scout Program Party in their community! They can choose one of the following options: Innovative Engineering, Kitchen Chemistry, or Outdoor Skills Workshop.

  • Innovative Engineering: Girls will dive in to the amazing world of engineering will hands-on activities and experiments that will inspire them to dream, design, and create. Explore how engineers help people and solve problems through innovation!
  • Kitchen Chemistry: Girls will discover how chemistry impacts our everyday lives through food and cooking. During this program we’ll show you how you can turn your kitchen into a laboratory with fun, tasty, hands-on experiments you can eat!  
  • Outdoor Skills Workshop: Want to be prepared for your next great outdoor adventure? This program will give girls of all ages an opportunity to work on basic outdoor skills that will help them step up and venture out! Try your hand at orienteering, knot tying, fire building, outdoor cooking, and more.

BONUS! The Service Unit with highest percent of girls and adults Early Bird renewed gets a free camporee rental space at Camp Wasiu II in August or September of 2018 or 2019.

Renewal FAQ's

Who can renew online?

Currently-registered girls and adults who have a valid email address in the council's database (your MyGS account) can renew online. The new membership year begins October 1.

Family Renewal Instructions

Check out our step-by-step renewal tutorial for help with whichever way works best for you!

Troop Renewal Instructions

Troop Leaders, renew your troop all at once! Check out the troop renewal instructions here.

How do adults renew memberships?

Adults who are renewing their membership will simply choose “Renew” under the “Renewal Choice” column in their “My GS” account.

Adults who have never registered before will log in to their “My GS” account, select “Adult” in the drop down menu under “Add a New Member to Household” and select “Go.”

I don't have "MyGS" password/ forgot my password

No problem! You can create a new password by requesting a password reset here. You will receive an email with a link to reset your password. Make sure to check your spam folder for the email or contact us at 775-322-0642 if you don’t receive it.

What payment methods are accepted?

Credit and debit cards are accepted.

To apply for financial assistance, click “Request Aid” once you reach the payment screen and an email with a link to the financial assistance form will be sent to you.

Membership Fees

What is the membership fee being used for? How will it help girls?

The membership dues will support GSUSA’s vision to serve as many girls who want to be Girl Scouts as possible—regardless of their means, neighborhood, or family backgrounds. 

Through GSUSA’s enhanced program experiences in STEM, entrepreneurship, outdoor, and life skills, girls are empowered with the skills and entrepreneurial know-how to lead and succeed in the industries of tomorrow. At the same time, they also help improve their communities, develop their own advocacy and service projects, and tackle local and global issues such as poverty, illiteracy, and pollution.

It also enables Girl Scouts to develop and implement digital innovations and technology—like the Digital Cookie Platform—to enhance the girl experience and provide a safe digital space for girls to share, explore, connect, and learn. 


Will financial assistance be available?

We believe that Girl Scouting should be accessible to all girls, so financial assistance will continue to be available to qualifying families. Simply go through the renewal process in your MyGS account and select "Financial Assistance" and you'll recieve an email to complete the Financial Assistance form. 


Have a question? We’re here to help! Email us at or give us a call at 775-322-0642.