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Outreach Program

We believe every girl deserves access to the life-changing benefits of Girl Scouts!

As part of our mission, we aim to empower every girl—regardless of her race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, disability, gender identity, or geographic location—to make the world a better place.

To serve the needs of the diverse girls and families in northern Nevada and northeastern California, we offer various opportunities to take part in Girl Scouts through our staff-led programs. By working to eliminate barriers to participation, we’re striving to ensure that Girl Scouts is for every girl.


GSSN Outreach Programs Offered


Explore the world of art! She’ll learn about famous works of art, different painting and drawing techniques, and create her own works of art. 

Art 2.0

Drawing on the curriculum from the Crafter badge, this series allows the girls take their artistic expression to the next level as they learn about pottery and jewelry making. From studying techniques to getting their hands dirty crafting their own pieces, the girls get ample opportunity to be creative.


Based on the Fair Play, Practice with a Purpose, and Good Sportsmanship badges, girls learn about inclusion, how to be a good team mate, endurance, and goal setting, all while having fun playing sports such as soccer, basketball, and other outdoor team games. 

Be a Friend First (BFF)

Drawing on the Be a Friend First Curriculum, this series focuses on preventing bullying. Girls will explore their how misconceptions and preconceived notions can lead to bullying behavior. They will also learn techniques for making new friends and discuss what they can do to prevent bullying.


This series draws on the Brownie Celebrating Community badge and the Junior Inside Government badge. Girls learn about their local community, state, and country as well as local government. Girls will explore laws that affect them every day, report on issues, and celebrate where they live by singing community songs and organizing a parade.

Digital Arts

In this series, girls use computers to paint with an art program, find some cool facts, and learn about internet safety. Girls will also use digital cameras to take tons of photographs, edit their photos with photo editing software and make a digital phot project. This series is based on the Brownie Computer Expert badge and Junior Digital Photographer badge.


The girls do some old fashioned detective work, learning about methods used to investigate crimes, such as fingerprinting, and exploring their senses to analyze how they impact their experiences in the world around them. This series draws on the Brownie My Senses and the Junior Detective badges.  

Financial Literacy

Girls will learn the difference between needs and wants, money management, decision making, and how to think and act like a philanthropist. Girls will also explore business management, entrepreneurship, and consumer research. This series curriculum is based on the Brownie and Junior Financial Literacy Badges. 

First Aid

This series is based on the Brownie and Junior First Aid Badges. Girls will learn how to get help from 911, the first steps to take in an emergency, make a portable first aid kit, and learn how to treat minor injuries. 

Healthy Living

Drawing from the My Best Self and Staying Fit badges, girls will learn to pay attention to what their bodies need and how to ask for health help when needed, and figure out what fitness, food, and fun they need to stay strong for life! Girls will learn to how to stress less by doing activities such as yoga, keeping a journal, and creating a stress-free zone. 


Bugs, Flowers, and Trees! Girls will explore nature in this series by exploring bug homes, uncover the science of a flower, and make a creative project starring trees. 

Performing Arts

The girls become performers while learning steps from new dances, and making up their own dance. They will also explore how music is made, music around the world, and make their own musical instruments. This series is based on the Dancer and Musician badges for Brownies and Juniors. 

Science and Technology

The girls become scientists as they work through fun science experiments.  From learning about simple chemical reactions to trying their hands at engineering by designing and building a roller coaster marble run, the girls will explore the exciting world of STEM.


Drawing from the Do it Yourself badges, girls will learn the importance of saving energy and water, and make DIY projects out recycled products. Girls will also plant flowers, explore garden design, and experiment with seeds. When they have completed the series, girls will have learned how to make their homes clean and green, as well has how to help plants and flowers grow.

How can I help?

Volunteers are needed at many of our sites to help run the Outreach troops and be a consistent, confident, and courageous adult knowledgeable of Girl Scouting.

For more information or to volunteer with our Outreach Program, contact us at