Staff & Board Directory


Denise StewartInterim Chief Executive Officer775-322-0642 x1228
Donna RoelleChief Operating Officer775-322-0642 x1239

Membership, Volunteer, and Program Services

Adrienne HillMembership Specialist775-322-0642 x1231
Alex MelendezMembership Specialist, Bilingual775-322-0642 x1271
Jessica MahonProgram and Volunteerism Manager775-322-0642 x1255
Johanna Potts-BellMembership Manager775-322-0642 x1224
Linda Schneider-Erger Membership Recruitment Specialist775-322-0642 x1221
Paula CadyProgram and Property Specialist775-322-0642 x1272
Shannon YocumMembership Specialist775-322-0642 x1238
Stefanie ArgusCamp and Outdoor Specialist II775-322-0642 x1202
Tish HorneMembership Specialist II775-322-0642 x1234
Terri Vann Membership Recruitment Specialist775-322-0642 x1222

Business Systems and Product Sales

Krista RousseProduct & Retail Manager775-322-0642 x1241
Maureen SmercinaData Analyst775-322-0642 x1223
Ashley FixlCustomer Service Representative775-322-0642 x1237
Joanne Estes-ShortCustomer Service Representative775-322-0642 x1237
Veronica BarreraCustomer Service Representative775-322-0642 x1237

Development and Communications

Allie ErgerDevelopment and Communications Specialist775-322-0642 x1243
Amber AitonDevelopment and Communications Manager775-322-0642 x1232
Pam CzyzDirector of Development and Communications775-322-0642 x1270

Financial Services and Human Resources

Chris CoffingDirector of Finance, Human Resources and Risk Management775-322-0642 x1227
Timothy JamesonBookkeeper775-322-0642 x1230
Marianne AndersonBookkeeper/Administrative Assistant775-322-0642 x1204

Board Directory 


Lois Paynter President of the Board
Cookie Bible 1st Vice President of the Board
Marian Lanius 2nd Vice President of the Board
Sheryl Westad Secretary of the Board
Julia Kingston Treasurer of the Board

Members at Large    

Carolyn Barbash
LaVonne Brooks
Dr. Lynn Brosy DMD
Debby Bullentini
Cindy Burk
Nancy Cummings
Greg Fine
Charles Johns
Marily Mora
Marilyn Rappaport
Sheilah Rund
Gina Session
Senator Debbie Smith
Michael Thomas
Stephanie Tyler
Jan Watson

Girl Members

Autumn Brewster
Karly McCutcheon

Honorary Board Members

Sandy Rogers
Melissa Saavedra