Funding Priorities

Our goal is to provide Girl Scouting to every community we serve:

Volunteer-Led Troops

Volunteers are the backbone of the traditional Girl Scout troop experience. More than 89 percent of girls in our region are supported by volunteer troop leaders. We strive to provide exceptional troop experiences to girls and their volunteer leaders. Steeped in tradition, volunteer troops are at the heart of Girl Scouting.

Low-Income Families and Neighborhoods

In order to ensure that every girl has access to the Girl Scout Leadership Experience, our council places paid leaders at targeted sites where the impact of poverty limits the ability to identify volunteer leaders. From low-income housing sites to juvenile justice facilities, our council partners with agencies serving low-income and/or at-risk girls to ensure that no girl is turned away due to lack of household resources. We also offer financial aid to volunteer-led troops who need support.

Camps and Outdoor Opportunities

Girl Scouts combines environmental education with leadership and community action through our camp and outdoor opportunities. Our council operates Camp Wasiu II, a 45-acre resident summer camp located near Sierra City, California. In addition to our resident camp, we offer a summer day camp for girls who are in first through sixth grade. Through our high quality camp experiences and volunteer-led “camporees,” we are able to offer a variety of outdoor opportunities to girls.

Volunteer Training and Support

Because a large part of the success of Girl Scout programs depends on the quality of the mentoring girls receive, our council is committed to ensuring that all volunteers are well trained and feel prepared and supported throughout their volunteer service. This is an ongoing process as we continually strive to improve the Girl Scout Leadership Experience.

Please contact Pam Czyz at to explore how you can promote, support, and advocate our Girl Scout funding priorities. It’s your participation that allows our council to deliver the Girl Scout Leadership Experience to our local community. Thank you.

To see our Funding Priorities in action, feel free to view our Annual Report.