Early Bird Registration


50% by 6/15
10 Fabulous Troop Adventures!

2015 GSSN Early Bird Registration
April 1, 2014 – June 15, 2014

Ready for the ULTIMATE ADVENTURE, Early Birders?

All Girl Scout Troops who re-register 50% of their girls and at least 2 approved adult members by June 15 will be entered into a drawing for one of ten fabulous troop adventures, including a party at the Discovery Museum, a Geocaching adventure, HUGE cash prizes for your troop to go on any adventure they choose, and more! (The earlier you register, the more chances you have to score an adventure!)

Every troop that reaches their 50% re-registration mark by June 15 will get a GSSN Adventure Flag to fly at all of your troop adventures this year. Adventure Flags will be different every year, and your troop will want them all! The girls will also get an Early Bird patch and stickers to match the Adventure Flag!

You do not want to miss out on this opportunity!

Three easy ways to renew your membership

Go to eBiz, once logged in, open the “MY TROOPS” tab to select your members and purchase their 2015 memberships using your troop debit card. Then you must have every parent/legal guardian fill out and sign the Consent to Participate Form (under “General Forms”).

Go to eBiz and activate or log in to your account and purchase your membership(s). If you experience difficulty or need assistance, email the Help Desk at helpdesk@gssn.org or call 322-0642 x1240 during regular business hours. Please include your full name, address, phone number and troop affiliation with a brief question or comment.

Please print the Paper Registration Form. Girl Registration Forms are available under “Girl Forms” and Adult Registration Forms are available under “Volunteer Forms and Resources” located in the drop down menu. Paper forms are also available at the GSSN Council, from your Membership Specialist, and from your Troop Leader.

The only members who are required to register with a paper registration are girl and adult members who request financial assistance. Click here to find the Financial Aid Form that is required to be turned in with the registration form, or ask your troop leader. Paper Registrations can take 10-14 days to process, so they may delay your entry into the Early Bird prize drawing.

Early Bird Incentives & Frequently Asked Questions

  • Every girl gets a 2015 Early Bird Patch.
  • Every girl gets a matching sticker.
  • Great troop travel incentives!
  • Every troop that re-registers 50% of their girls and at least 2 approved adults by June 15 gets a GSSN Adventure Flag.
  • Only Early Bird troops who have earned their GSSN Adventure Flag will be invited to participate in the #GSSNflagadventures Pinterest Contest for a chance to win $200 for your troop toward a troop adventure!
  • If registering through eBiz, leaders will have access to their troop information through the “MY TROOPS” tab and families can manage their family account online. eBiz is quick, confidential, green, convenient and accurate.
  • Early Bird Registration allows both the troop and the GSSN Council to plan for success, and allocate council funding as budgets are created in the spring.
  • Troops start to think about all the fun things they want to do next year and they need to know who’s joining in on the fun!
  • One less thing to worry about during the busy back-to-school season!

We have 10 exciting troop adventures this year and the first ever GSSN Adventure Flag for your troop! We will have a new and different troop flag every year going forward- so you will want to earn them all and take pictures with your flag at every troop outing.

Adventure #1 – drawing April 11 Discovery Museum Party
Adventure #2 – drawing April 18 $200 cash to design your own adventure
Adventure #3 – drawing April 25 Geocaching with GSSN’s Camp & Outdoor Specialist, Stefanie
Adventure #4 – drawing May 2 $150 cash to design your own adventure
Adventure #5 – drawing May 9 Fleischmann Planetarium show and exhibits
Adventure #6 – drawing May 16 $100 cash to design your own adventure
Adventure #7 – drawing May 23 Badge workshop- pick any badge, program staff will deliver!
Adventure #8 – drawing May 30 $50 cash to design your own adventure
Adventure #9 – drawing June 6 Carson City Railroad Museum Tour and lunch
Adventure #10 – drawing June 16 Virginia City Silver and Gold Adventure

* Troops who win but cannot travel, can plan a local adventure of similar value as approved by council.

Troops who earn their Adventure Flag are invited to participate in our #GSSNflagadventures Pinterest Contest for a chance to win an additional $200 for your troop to go on even more adventures! Here’s how to participate…


For example, if Troop 1912 earns their GSSN Adventure Flag and climbs to the top of Mt. Rose on an adventure, they would take a fun picture with their flag. When they get home, Troop Leader(s), parent(s), and guardian(s), will want to follow GSSN on Pinterest, make their own Pinterest board (Create a Board) titled “GSSN Flag Adventures,” and upload their troop flag adventure photo (Add a Pin) with the hashtag #GSSNflagadventures included in the description.

Flags and trips will be distributed as they are earned. Patches and stickers will be available at your July service unit meetings.

Early Bird Registration begins April 1st, 2014, and ends June 15th, 2014.

While we encourage troops to re-register their entire troop during Early Bird Registration, there is no requirement to how many girls participate in this registration period. However, all girls in the troop who plan to return would need to register by the end of On-time Registration on September 30th, 2014- so why not now? A girl does not want to be the only one in her troop without the Early Bird Patch and stickers! And we don’t want to leave a girl at home if her troop wins one of our ten adventures! Only girls who are registered before the troop wins will be included in the trip.