The Gold Award

Girl Scouts of the Sierra Nevada Gold Award

The Gold Award is the highest and most prestigious award that Girl Scout Seniors and Ambassadors can earn. Since 1916, the Gold Award has stood for excellence and leadership for girls everywhere. The Gold Award project challenges girls to identify an unmet need or core issue in the community, research and investigate it, recruit volunteers, build a team to create a plan to address the issue/need and to put in place ways to make the project measureable and sustainable. The Gold Award Proposal is submitted to council for approval by a committee of volunteers. Once approved, the project is carried out exemplifying the courage, confidence and character of the individual.

Gold Award Details

  • Girls must attend a Gold Award training
  • The Gold Award is earned individually and is independent of other awards.
  • Registered Girl Scouts can “go for the Gold” whether they have been in scouting many years or very recently
  • All projects are approved by a committee of volunteers
  • It may take 6 to 8 weeks between initial submission of the proposal and the interview/approval process – allow sufficient time before planning to begin
  • All work associated with the Gold Award including the final presentation and paperwork must be completed by September 30th of the graduation year

The successful Gold Award is a significant challenge: your opportunity to make the world a better place in an area that is personally meaningful for you. You’ll learn about project management from the inside and how you can definitely make a difference in the world. Girls must attend the Gold Award workshop, which is offered every 4-6 weeks, except in the summer. Both in-person and webinar options are available.

Please contact Beth Osborne at for any questions regarding this award.

Gold Award Prerequisites

The prerequisite for the Gold Award is completion of two Senior or Ambassador level Journeys. If the Silver Award has been earned, it reduces the requirement to one Journey. The guidelines are provided by GSUSA so that all girls across the nation are working to the same standard.

  • Girls must be in 9th through 12th grade to work toward the award and have completed any work done for the Cadette program level
  • Earned Silver Award: Complete one Journey
  • No Silver Award: Complete two Journeys
  • Journeys may be from either: the girls’ current level – Senior or Ambassador
  • Only work completed as a Senior or Ambassador applies to the award
  • Girls must attend a Gold Award training

Celebrations and Recognition

The communication department of the Girl Scouts of the Sierra Nevada sends press releases for each Gold Awardee to their local newspaper and television in recognition of the achievement. Information for the press releases, photographs, as well as biographical material for the All That Glitters Program book, is based on your completed Gold Award Report Form and the press release form. We highly recommend acquiring professional headshots and photographs of your project along the way. These visuals will greatly increase the chances that your local media will run a story about your project.

ATG- Essentials

The annual All That Glitters Award Ceremony is held each May. This is an opportunity for girls to receive public acknowledgement of their hard work and commitment to making the world a better place. Contact council for specific dates each year.

Girl Scout Gold Award Workshops

The Gold Award Forms