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Girl Scouts of the Sierra Nevada

We know girls are always thinking.

Maybe they’re thinking about what they’ll have for lunch today. Maybe they’re thinking about climbing Mount Rose or the Tahoe Rim Trail. Or maybe they’re thinking about becoming the CEO of their very own company. We’ve found some websites to get those wheels turning just a little bit more…

Internet Safety Pledge
Thank you for committing to be safe while playing and learning online.

The World’s Strongest Girl
What does the world’s strongest girl do? Battle monsters. Hike a mountain. Save a friend. Create an avatar and write her story!

CanTEEN Girl
If I could change the world, I’d… bring an extinct species back to life, invent a teleportation device, start a marine farm and grow crops underwater…

Be The Director
Get to know your way around a film set. Who makes the decisions about wardrobe? Who choses the music? Who writes the script? You do! When you’re done, watch your short film and share it with your friends.

Imagine Engineering
As an engineer, you can develop the world’s fastest jets, design solar-powered medical equipment, or maybe invent a new generation of e-readers.

Girl Scouts GPS
What makes a great Girl Scout year? Earning badges, hiking and camping, taking field trips, participating in the cookie program, and enjoying Girl Scout traditions. Select a journey, and start mapping out the fun you’ll have!

Nasa’s Space Place
Fall into a black hole, power up with tortillas, play Pixel This, launch a rocket from a spinning planet, make moon cookies and more.

The Story of Juliette Gordon Low
Travel back in time with Girl Scout founder, Juliette Gordon Low, through this interactive timeline.

The Studio
For inspiring storytellers of all kinds! Go behind the scenes with your favorite writers and illustrators to find out how they work – and to get a few tips to make your own work shine.

Make Your Own Badge
Create a badge that is uniquely yours. You worked hard to earn your individualized badge. Now have fun designing it!

For Girls
This site is EVERYTHING Girl Scout! From Daisys to Ambassadors, girls can find inspirational stories, national events, new things to try, maps, girl profiles, ideas…