Age/Grade Levels


Experiences in Girl Scouts are differentiated based on grade level to ensure that girls can relate socially with their groups, and that they participate in activities for their developmental stage. Girl Scouting draws its strength from a variety of factors: a well-researched national program, age-appropriate activities, and dedicated adult leadership. Membership in Girl Scouts is open to girls in kindergarten through 12th grade.

Girl Scout Daisies:

The First Step in a Lifetime of Adventure
Kindergarten & Grade 1 (must be at least 5 years old)

Girl Scout Daisies generally meet in groups of five to 10 with two or more adult leaders in a nurturing, inclusive environment. They go on trips, learn about nature and science, and explore the arts and their communities. Girl Scout Daisies can also earn Learning Petals and receive participation patches.

Sample Activities for Girl Scout Daisies

  • Making Girl Scout SWAPS
  • Learning traditional Girl Scout songs
  • Trips to local farms
  • Camping and hiking with their family
  • Planning a picnic and making snacks
  • Planting a community garden
  • Earning patches for activities like reading fun books or helping their community

Girl Scout Brownies:

Going Places, Making New Friends
Grades 2 & 3

Girl Scout Brownies work together in groups, earn Girl Scout Brownie Try-Its, and explore their community. Friendship, fun, and age-appropriate activities begin at the Girl Scout Brownie meeting and move out to the community and wider world.

Sample Activities for Girl Scout Brownies

  • Visiting a zoo to learn about animals and their habitats
  • Marching in a community parade
  • Making a first aid kit and learning to treat minor injuries
  • Planning an overnight to celebrate their birthdays
  • Deciding how many cookies to sell to earn money for trips
  • Camping and making s’mores over a campfire
  • Painting a mural to tell a story

Girl Scout Juniors:

Explorations, Fun, and Best Friends Forever
Grades 4 & 5

Girl Scout Juniors earn badges and discover what girl power is all about through new activities and by learning to take charge of their own plans. They gain self-confidence as they explore the world in partnership with their troop leaders.

Sample Activities for Girl Scout Juniors

  • Staying at a Girl Scout camp and learning outdoor skills
  • Going on a geocaching adventure
  • Improving skills in a favorite sport
  • Making your own bath beads
  • Selling cookies to earn money for a trip to a theme park
  • Going on a scavenger hunt for neighborhood litter
  • Writing to a Girl Scout who lives overseas

Girl Scout Cadettes, Seniors & Ambassadors:

Ready to Become, Belong, Believe, and Build
Cadettes – Grades 6 – 8
Seniors – Grades 9-10
Ambassadors – Grades 11-12

Girl Scout Cadettes, Seniors, and Ambassadors participate in Girl Scouting in many ways. Under the guidance of a trained adult advisor, girls mix and match activities and resources to suit their needs while giving back to their communities. They connect with each other and build self-esteem and confidence in their skills as they work on a range of projects and gain life experiences.

Sample Activities for Girl Scout Cadettes, Seniors and Ambassadors

  • Learning how to be a first responder in an emergency
  • Exploring their future career options with a mentor
  • Spending a summer as a counselor-in-training at camp
  • Publishing their stories online at the For Girls web site
  • Staging a photography exhibit of their own work
  • Earning a Girl Scout Gold Award, the highest honor in Girl Scouting, for working on a project that benefits their community
  • Traveling across the country or around the world to explore culture, science, the outdoors, and more