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Girl Scout Gold Awardee Creates "My Thousand Words"

Rachael-GS Book

"Girl Scouts has, without a doubt, been a very impactful part of my life!"

Girl Scout alumna, Rachael Lambin, loved everything about her Girl Scout experience. It helped shape her into the talented, confident, artistic entrepreneur she is today, and this is her story.

"I have few childhood memories that do not in some way include the Girl Scouts. From going door to door selling Thin Mints, to participating in river cleanups, to visiting the state capitol with my troop, to working toward earning merit badges, I look back to my childhood and young adulthood with great fondness.

I earned my Girl Scout Gold Award over 10 years ago and my project was writing a book to help children with asthma gain awareness and learn how to cope with it. Art and literacy have always been passions of mine, and over the years, I have been continuing my art and started creating book sculptures. I was part of the Carson Valley Girl Scout troop #369, starting at Daisies and completed as a Senior. I loved everything about Girl Scouts and learned so much about selling cookies (finances, marketing), communications and being independent.

Perhaps two of my favorite badges were Artistic Crafts where I got to learn about various mediums of art, and Business Etiquette where I learned the invaluable skill of interacting with people on a professional level and building valuable relationships. I know that these skills helped me to become the person I am today! I want to share this with other girls as it was one of the best times of my life. Since being a Girl Scout alumna for more than 10 years, there are many more amazing badges available to girls. One in particular is very near and dear to my heart, the Cadette Book Artist Badge. As an alumni and a book artist, I hope to be able to use the my skills to share with the Girl Scouts.

In partnership with my mom, we started a business creating and marketing our artwork. Our business is called My Thousand Words Book Sculptures, where each book sculpture tells a story of its origin; from the name of the book to an idea which becomes the inspiration for the sculpture being incorporated from the pages. Both of us create unique artwork from books and magazines, by repurposing them and bringing their stories to life. My mother will shape them through the art of origami while I manipulate the pages to create intricate sculptures, from a man in his boat engaged in a heroic battle with a mighty swordfish, to a lonely kite caught high in a tree, to mustangs galloping through the tall grass.

We enjoy combining “out of the ordinary” multi-medium sculptures, which accentuate the fine detailing in our work. My love of art, finds its roots with my mother and has always been the thing that motivates me, and I find that our combined efforts are more then either one of us could produce individually. We have received several national awards and have earned the opportunity for our works to be displayed in the Nevada Governor’s Mansion, State Capitol building as well as several private residents throughout the United States, United Kingdom, Bermuda, South America and Africa. Our work has appeared in several publications, cable and television programs, as well special events. Please visit our website for more information about us and where you might find your favorite story coming to life!

As a kid, Girl Scouts was a fun place to be with my friends and learn new skills, and as an adult, I look back to what a valuable role it played in teaching me about business, leadership and personal development; and I am grateful to my mom and best friend for her love and significant contribution to our community by being a wonderful troop leader from Daisy Scouts to Senior Scouts for 30+ girls over a decade’s time. She and Girl Scouts truly helped me to grow strong. You can go on our website to see more sculptures and learn more about them."

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