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The Fall Product Program is a great way for girls to kick start their membership year while helping their troop with much needed funds for their service projects, adventures and experiences.

This program is an integral part of the Girl Scout Leadership Experience, where girls gain experience with the five skills linked to leadership and financial literacy: goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills and business ethics. Plus, it prepares girls for the work — and fun! — of the Girl Scout Cookie Program.

Meet “Dottie” the Dalmation and “Lucy” the Golden Lab! They are this year’s mascots and they are looking forward to becoming part of your family!

The Fall Product Sale runs October 1-21. Troops and girls can choose their level of participation and may begin the sale anytime during the published start and end dates.


Fall Product Sale Key Dates

September 7

Service Units will have access to the UNIFY Online Sale website

September 12

Fall Product Sale Training for TPSC's: 6 pm at the GSSN Council

September 14

Troops will have access to the UNIFY Online Sale website. Girls must be registered for 2018-2019 membership year to participate.

September 14

SUPSC agreements due to GSSN

September 21

Registered girls receive emails to begin setting up
their online sale site.

September 28

TPSC agreements and ACH authoriztion form due to GSSN

October 1

Signed Parent Permission forms due to GSSN

October 1

Sale begins!

October 21

Sale ends!

October 22

Orders due to Troop Product Sales Coordinator (TPSC)

October 23

TPSC's enter orders in UNIFY (locked out at 9 pm PST)

October 24

All reports due from TPSC's to SUPSC's (Service Unit Product Sales Coordinator)

October 30

ACH debit from Troop Bank Accounts

November 13-19

Girls deliver products to customers

Troop Participation Guidelines

Here's what your troop will need:

  • Two approved and background screened 2018-2019 registered members
  • 2017-2018 End of the Year Financials submitted to GSSN 
  • Annual membership ACH form submitted prior to being eligible to participate in the program
  • Girls and caregivers must complete the 2018-2019 Parent Permission form (turn in to your troop) and be a 2018-2019 registered member. 
  • Troop Product Sales Coordinators must complete the 2018 TPSC Agreement form (turn in to your SUPSC) and be a 2018-2019 registered member. 
Selling Fall Product Online

The UNIFY Online Program allows girls to take nut, candy, and magazine orders by sending emails directly to family and friends!

Here's how it works:

  1. Visit the UNIFY website 
  2. If this is your first time participating in the Fall Product Program, choose First Time Visitor, complete the required information, then click Save. 
  3. If you've participated in the Fall Product Program before, choose Returning Participant.
  4. Invite your friends and family to visit your personal online store where they can purchase nuts, candy, and magazines from you!

We encourage girls to send emails the first week of the program to allow time for their customers to order prior to the end of the program, and to qualify for girl recognitions and troop proceeds. This easy way of participating in the program enables the girls to learn valuable marketing and technical skills.

Guess what? Girls may participate in the online sale even if their Troop does not! Contact us at for more information.

Recognition Items

Who doesn’t love a little recognition for their hard work? Even though we know participating in the Fall Product Program will teach girls valuable life skills (5 to be more precise), there's one more reason the girls really love participating: PRIZES! 

Girls can earn amazing rewards based on the number of items they sell during the Fall Product Program! Recognition items were voted on by girls this spring, and road tested by a group of local Girl Scouts this summer. 

Check out the lineup of Fall Product Rewards here or on your order card and help girls make goals and develop a plan to exceed them!


Troop proceeds are based on actual sales that occur from October 1 – 21. 

Troops will earn $1.25 per Nut and Candy item and 10% of Magazines and Gifts .

Thank You Donation

Each $6 donation will send a selected nut/candy item to a member of the military via our partner, Blue Star Moms of Nevada. Girls will earn a Share Patch for selling three military nut orders. Its easy to do, and the troop will still earn proceeds on every donation!