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The Magic of Girl Scouts of the Sierra Nevada - A Girl Scout Experience Story


The Magic of Girl Scouts of the Sierra Nevada

By Alexandra J.

Throughout my entire life, I have been a Girl Scout. I remember sneaking into my sister’s meetings when I was too young to join myself and the elation to take part in something I saw as magical. I have now been a Girl Scout for over 10 years and still feel the “magic” I felt when I was first able to put on a vest of my very own.

As a Daisy I believed that the magic was just that: magic. Clearly a fairy had come and placed a spell on all the little Scouts so that each meeting was filled with adventure and laughter. When I became a Brownie I stopped believing in fairies (because suddenly I was a “big girl”) and decided that the magic was just a silly thought of a child, but the lingering feeling of joy and “magic” that I felt as a Daisy remained. As a Junior I moved from California to Nevada and almost gave up on that “magic” completely. Then my parents made the choice to plop me in a room with 10 other girls and register me for Girl Scouts. On that single day I met my best friend and gained a second family. As we got older and our troop numbers dwindled me and my BFF always stuck together and stuck with Girl Scouts.

Now I am a senior in High School working diligently on my gold award and my final year in Girl Scouts is here and the “magic” has finally revealed its true colors. It was not a fairy or a figment of my imagination as I once thought, rather the feeling that I couldn’t fail. It was and is a refreshing step back from the pressures that I always felt to be perfect. The amazing volunteers never punished you for doing something “wrong”, instead they gave you a warm smile and a snack. Never was I told that I could not do something while I was in Girl Scouts, and never did that Daisy “magic” leave me.

I believe that every girl should be able to feel the “magic” that I feel every day. Every girl should know what it is like to have unconditional belief from a person you usually only see twice a month. Every girl should be empowered and have the ability to gain the courage, confidence, and character that Girl Scouts provides.

Girl Scouts of the Sierra Nevada has shaped me into a person that stands up for what she believes and is not afraid to fail. Girl Scouts is so much more than just cookies. It is best friends, gooey s’mores, exciting badges, the opportunity of a lifetime, and to me it was magic.