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We Want You... at Back to School Nights!


We have back to school packets for parents and volunteers who can help us at the 65+ back to school nights in Reno and Sparks and the 90+ back to school nights in the surrounding areas. Included are talking points, a sign-up sheet, a tablecloth, patches, cootie-catchers, posters and a lot of gratitude for helping us out!

Volunteers will pass out information, answer questions and are not obligated to take more girls into their troop. If you need to leave the table sometime during the night, no worries! We just need awesome Girl Scout advocates when they're available.

If you or another parent in your troop can can help at your girl's back to school night, let your recruitment specialist know or call 775-322-0642, and we will hook you up with your own back to school night packet. You may be hearing from us very soon to see if you can represent Girl Scouts at your school.