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Earn Troop Funds with the Fall Nut/Candy & Magazine Program!


The Fall Nut/Candy & Magazine Program begins October 1! 

Does your troop need money to support all of your fun and exciting activities and trips planned for the year? Or are you a new troop that needs some start up funds? Participate in the upcoming Fall Nut/Candy & Magazine Program! It's a great way to earn troop funds and even some fun recognition items. 

Girls can participate via door to door sales or through the online program and can choose to participate without a troop leader and earn money for the troop and her own recognitions. Troops who participate in the program have the opportunity to make $.80 per nut/candy item and 10% of the sale price of every magazine sold - both in-person and online. 

To participate in the Fall Nut/Candy & Magazine Program, make sure you have the following by September 16:

  • An active Troop bank account 
  • Your Troop ACH and End of the Year Financials submitted to us
  • Two approved leaders in place
  • Let your Service Unit Product Sales Coordinator (SUPSC) know your troop wants to participate!

Find out more about the Fall Product Program here, or contact us at for more information.