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Girl Scout super-strength and willpower...


As we wrap up Girl Scout Cookie season we'd like to introduce you to Pat Madura, a Reno Nev. GS Alum who grew up in Connecticut. Pat is about to turn 80 years young, and her super strength is Girl Scout Cookie Willpower. 

An avid Weight Watchers advocate, Pat eats just one Girl Scout Cookie each week - savoring every bite. Well, we had to meet this powerhouse of a lady. I mean, who on earth can possibly resist eating, at the very least, two Girl Scout Cookies? 

Pat brought with her some treasured Girl Scout memorabilia. A black and white photo of her Girl Scout troop, her membership star pins, and several earned badges - her Green Clover Award, First Aid Cadette, as well as her Child Care badge, dating back to 1946. 

We are always excited to meet our amazing alum, and want to thank Pat for her story and continued support of Girl Scouting. 

P.S. Pat's "just one cookie" rule has contributed to her losing more than 100 pounds on her journey to health through Weight Watchers. (Congratulations, Girl Scout. We're proud of you for reaching your goals!). Maybe we, too, can aspire to the "just one" rule? Fingers crossed it might make our frozen Thin Mints last until next cookie season.