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Investiture and Rededication Ceremonies

With the beginning of the membership year upon us, it's a great time to hold an Investiture and/or Rededication ceremony!

An investiture is the welcoming of new members, both girls and adults, into the Girl Scout family for the first time. Girls receive their Girl Scout, Girl Scout Brownie, or Girl Scout Daisy pin at this time.

Rededication is the opportunity for girls and adults to renew their commitment to the Girl Scout Promise and Law. You can choose to do them as one or two separate pieces.

These ceremonies are a great way to start the new year with the focus being on the Law and Promise. Holding these ceremonies are also a great way to help girls learn to plan and affirm their belief in the Girl Scout Promise and Law. Here's one way you can celebrate your ceremony:

  • Gather flashlights (or use one that is passed) or candles and matches
  • Ask participants to form a horseshoe
  • State: The horseshoe is used as there is an opening which allows us to include all Girl Scouts and Girl Guides to join in our ceremony.
  • Use three flashlights to represent the three parts of the Girl Scout Promise. As each is lit, the speaker can say a sentence or two about part of the Promise: serving God (or one’s own interpretation depending on spiritual beliefs) and country, helping people and living by the Girl Scout Law. At the end, the group can recite the Girl Scout Promise in unison.

There are many other ways to hold an Investiture and/or Rededication ceremony. Have the girls take time to search for some more creative ways to celebrate - check out some resources on the GSSN Pinterest here. The more involvement the girls have, the better the experience! That follows in all things in Girl Scouting!