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Making Juliette Proud


"I have been with the Sierra Nevada Council for 50 fabulous years. I have done so much with this council and have loved every minute of it. I look forward to spending another 50 years with Sierra Nevada to equal... Wow! 105 years...." 

55-Year Girl Scout and Lifetime Girl Scout Alumna, Karen Culp, will become an inaugural member of the GSSN Juliette Gordon Low Society

Karen's love of camping has led to her passion for getting girls outdoors, becoming a champion of girl leadership, and above all, ensuring scout traditions transcend generations. 

"We are honored to have Mrs. Culp join our philanthropic efforts for girls, especially during the inaugural year of our GSSN Juliette Gordon Low Society," said Pam Czyz, GSSN Chief Executive Officer. "She is truly dedicated to building courageous, confident girls in our community."

Karen is also an active member of the local Silver Streak Chapter of the Green Hat Society, where she contributes to hosting the annual Camporall for older Girl Scouts, as well as the annual SongFest for girls throughout the GSSN Council (that includes: Alturas, Susanville, Truckee, Bishop, Hawthorne, Carson City, Ely, Elko, Battle Mountain, Reno, Sparks, and everywhere in between!). 

Pictured: Karen and her husband, Doug Culp, on a camping trip - beautifully displaying both her Girl Scout and Boy Scout badges, patches, awards, and recognitions she has lovingly earned over the years. 


The GSSN Juliette Gordon Low Society recognizes individuals who would like to make a planned gift, through their will or estate, to the Girl Scouts of the Sierra Nevada council. If you are interested in leaving a legacy to ensure all girls in northern Nevada and northeast California can experience Girl Scouting, you are cordially invited to become an inaugural JGL Society member at our reception in April, 2017. 

Please contact Amber Aiton today: / 775-322-0642