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This holiday season, girls need your help.

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This holiday season, girls need your help.

“The girls in my troop are sisters, daughters, students, babysitters to siblings, and ‘cases to be managed.’ They bear a major load of responsibility to their family while dealing with societal factors outside of their control,” said Sadie, Outreach Program Leader. “But when they meet for one hour each week at Girl Scouts – they have the chance to focus on themselves and nothing else.”

Sadie’s Girl Scouts – Troop 913 - meets weekly at the Reno Volunteers of America Family Shelter. This troop, and so many more, are part of the GSSN Low-Income Families and Neighborhoods Program which has been serving local girls at-risk since 1992.

Thanks to the generosity of donors like you, the Girl Scout Leadership Experience was delivered to more than 1,300 girls through this program in northern Nevada this year. This means girls who were at greater risk of dropping out of school, gang participation, drug and alcohol abuse, and teen pregnancy, were instead, given the opportunity to build their courage, confidence and character.

As we launch into the new year, I would like to ask for your generous support of our GSSN Low-Income Families and Neighborhoods Program. We have recently expanded the program to serve girls in the rural areas of Fernley and Fallon, Nevada and we know there is an even greater community need in other areas. Girls need you today!

Your investment will bring stability in the midst of uncertainty. You can provide a safe place for girls to be guided by caring adults who deliver the resources they need to be strong and confident against the adversity they face every day. For many families, Girl Scouts is the only youth activity available for their girls – you can be the catalyst to make this life changing experience happen.

As the snow begins to fall, help us bring the joy of Girl Scouting all year long to the girls who need it most - Give to girls today!

Thank you so very much for your commitment to girl leadership. I’m looking forward to celebrating with you as we ensure girls grow and succeed in every season, but especially during this most wonderful time of the year

Happy Holidays,

Pam Czyz, CEO