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Time to place your troop Gluten Free Trios cookie order

Guess what? Gluten Free “Trios” cookies will be available again for troops to sell in the 2017 Cookie Season! 


Hurry, hurry! Troops must place their order for Gluten Free Trios no later than September 22 at 5 p.m. to be guaranteed to have Trios cookies available for pre-sale orders or at cookie booths. Troops will be able to pick up their pre-ordered Trios cases with the rest of their initial troop order in February.

If any are available, Troops who did not place an order by 5 p.m. on September 22 may be able to get cookies from their local Cookie Cupboard. Please note: There is no guarantee Cookie Cupboards will have stock available for pickups after initial cookie pickups are completed, so be sure to order yours by September 22! 

Quick Facts:

  • Gluten Free Trios are $5 per package
  • Trios will not appear on the order card, but will be supported in SNAP to make transferring cookies directly to girls easy
  • Good news - customers can still place a pre-sale order for Trios! Girls will just need to make a note on the order card and notify their TPSC of the special order
  • All Trios sold will count towards the normal troop proceeds and girl recognitions
Place your order for Gluten Free Trios here!

For more information, contact