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Welcome Back!

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It's Back to Troop season! Girl Scout leaders and volunteers across the council are starting their preparations for another fun-filled year with their troops. Read on for a handy checklist that will help you make sure that your troop is ready for action. 

1.  Complete your annual Troop Profile UpdateThis document helps us make sure that your troop record is up-to-date with your most current meeting information and is your way of letting us know that you'd like additional girls or volunteers in your troop!

2.  Log on to MyGS to see which girls and adults have renewed their membership for 2016-17. Simply click on the "Troops" tab and select "Next Year" to see who has completed their 2017 membership registration. On-time registration is happening now; make sure your girls and parents get registered by September 30, 2016 so they don't miss out on any of the Girl Scout fun! 

3.  Even if you're an established troop it's a great idea to kick off your year with a parent/guardian meeting. This gives you a chance to collect all the paperwork you need for your troop (The Universal Parent Permission form and Health History form are available on our website under Forms) and get your parents reengaged. Looking for some tips on what that that parent meeting should include? Check out Volunteer Essentials

4.  Involving your girls in your troop planning is a key component of supporting a girl-led environment. Kick off your year with a discussion about what the troop wants to accomplish this year and what Girl Scouting means to them. For younger girls, you may want to consider drafting a loose framework and then asking them to fill in with their ideas and interests. Older girls should be involved in creating their calendar from the beginning! Once you have a better idea of what the girls want to experience, jump on to the Volunteer Toolkit to start crafting your year plan. 

Don't forget that you can access lots of great tools on our website, including self-study trainings, forms and documents, and important volunteer resources. Visit Online Support for Volunteers to make sure that you have all the information you need for another great year!