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Congrats, 2017 Girl Scout Gold, Silver, and Bronze Award Recipients!


CONGRATULATIONS to all of the 2017 Gold, Silver, and Bronze Award Recipients!

Your hard work, dedication, and true commitment to our local community is making our world a better place.

Gold Award Recipients

Kelsey K: "STEM GEMS Slumber Party"
Holly S: "The True Importance of Honey Bees"
Madison E: "Camp for Pre-Schoolers"
McKenna B: "Art and Baking with the Senior Residents at Sierra Manor"
Grace G: "Community Writes"

Silver Award Recipients

Troop 26: Women and Children’s Center of the Sierra Valley 
Hayley J

Troop 141: Music is da Bomb-Teaching Children the Love of Music 
Darci Q, Bethany M, Shea M

Troop 367: Better Safe Than Sorry 
Makayla CM

Troop 367: You’re The Reason For Someone’s Season 
Jillian M

Troop 367:Your Health Matters 
Emily C

Troop 367: The Bookworms Club 
Avery M

Troop 417: Hoop It Up! 
Marrisa V

Troop 640 & 1030: Recycling Rocks 
Danielle I, Samantha E

Troop 1473: Project Cookies & Kittens 
Elaine F

Juliettes: Zoo Enrichment 
Sarah C,  Rachelle S

Bronze Award Recipients

Troop 32: Making Friends at the Nevada Humane Society 
Abbey M, Addison P, Amanda Y, Anna A, Anna C, Annie C,  Audrey A, Ava W, Carmella G, Danica L, Jonora S, Lauren J, Madison T, Mia T, Olivia B, Olivia R, Tiera A

Troop 101: BFF Tree and Buddy Bench 
Savanah S, Trinity S

Troop 108: Don’t Shop-Adopt! 
Alexis C, Arian EZ, Aubry D, Jaicee H, Madeline W, Madysen H, Raimie F, Rebecca S, Sara C, Sonialynn N

Troop 131: Project Bookworm 
Isabella C, Lillian G, Luisalei E, Maddelyn G, Nora D, Shirah B

Troop 155: Money Management- Buying What We Need 
Kalli D, Kirby C, Leah K ,Megan F, Samantha L, Sierra C, Zoe D

Troop 183: Junior Zookeepers 
Carleigh S, Emily L, Guillian S, Kayla C, Kaylie B, Morgayne B, Vivienne P

Troop 210: Girl Power 
Ella D, Emily Z, Francesca G, Haylee S, Rachel B, Samantha A

Troop 229: Girls Guide to Get Moving - Let’s get Healthy 
Emily B, Lily E, Montana M, Sophia W, Stella P

Troop 282: Pick Me Up Packs 
Amy J, Emily J ,Emmalee S, Hailey T, Kaylee C, Lacy K, Lexy K, Lizzie C, Madison C, Mia N, Rebecca F, Sofia Z

Troop 287: Save the Bats! 
Addy L, Alexandria A, Kellan P, Natalie M, Taylor W 

Troop 320: Flagview Intermediate School Playground Upgrades 
Carlee G, Elizabeth F, Isabella K, Lillian T, Madelyn D, Mariel O, Vivian S

Troop 407: Blessing Bags 
Hayley R, Helen S, Linda B, Peyton S

Troop 570: Crayons for Kids 
Rylie P, Ashtine M, Makayla S, Mya U

Troop 1019A: Be Safe Be Seen 
Ava K, Mia C, Priyasha L, Seraphina F, Sofia R

Troop 1019B: Buddy Bench 
Audry R, Kaitlyn M

Troop 1306: Share a Doll 
Alyssa F, Cassidy RS, Faith M

Troop 1951: Community Flag Retirement Ceremony and Education 
Briseyda R, Brookelyn M, Ivy L, Kelly S,  Samantha S

Troop 2003: Friendship Foster Bags and Blankets 
Bryanna D, Donna O, Emily Y, Jenessa H, Makenzie M, Sarah F