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Help Test New Space Science Badges!


Girl Scouts of the USA has teamed up with Girl Scouts of the Sierra Nevada, SETI Institute, ARIES, University of Arizona, and the Astronomical Society of the Pacific to create a new series of space science badges in collaboration with NASA! 

We are looking for 8 Daisy and 8 Brownie troops to volunteer their time to test the space science badge. No experience necessary with space science or leading science activities – we aim to include volunteers with a broad range of experiences.

Why participate? Your girls will… 

  • Learn about space science and engage in scientific inquiry while they explore the sky 
  • Develop communication skills through the opportunity to provide feedback on the badge
  • Receive a Girl Scout Stars Badge Test Pilot patch – designed solely for participating pilot councils
  • Help develop a new badge, and be part of history! 

What’s Involved

Participating troops will be required to complete the badge in either 2 (Daisies) or 3 (Brownies) meetings between October 5 and January 12, 2018, and to participate in our pilot research. This includes:

Badge Activities

  1. Use the Badge Requirements booklet or access the activities through GSUSA’s online Volunteer Toolkit test site.
  2. Prepare for the activities and gather supplies as you would for any other badge.
  3. Complete all activities required to earn the badge. The Daisy badge is designed for 2 60-min meetings; the Brownie badge is designed for 3 90-min meetings. 

Research Activities

  1. Provide an information sheet to troop parents.
  2. Have each girl complete a pre- and post-badge questionnaire. 
  3. Complete a post-badge volunteer survey.
  4. Access badge activities as assigned (either badge booklet or VTK).

Interested in Participating?

Fill out a brief form by June 12, 2017