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10-year Camper - "Camp Wasiu II is my favorite place on earth"


"This will be my tenth year of camp. I absolutely love going. I wouldn’t be who I am without camp.

I have been through my fair share of camp staff and I’ve never been disappointed. As I’ve gotten older I’ve noticed how much of their heart and soul the camp Counselors pour into providing awesome activities and support for the campers. Camp helps girls learn outdoor skills that we wouldn’t have the opportunity to learn otherwise.

I remember my first time coming to camp, I was a tiny hyperactive spaz monkey and the counselors never got annoyed with me! They made it the best summer my five year old self ever had. They helped me get into my cot, which at the time I was to small to do without help. They taught me how to safely shoot a bow and arrow, and they even told me about the mermaids in the lake when we were canoeing. They taught me how to make a fairy house and showed me when the fairies had visited and showed me the fairies glittery pixie dust that the fairies left behind. They taught me what the birds say and taught me what happens when I try to take home a baby bumblebee.

This past year at camp I finally found the career I want to pursue. I want to do outdoor education. Last year as I was working with the adorable Brownies for my Counselor in Training, I learned how much they love to try and make houses for the many fairies hiding around camp. They love canoeing around the lake on a mermaid hunt.

Camp has taught me so much, but most especially, it has taught me I love to be outdoors and enjoy sharing that with others. I would never trade anything for the experiences I’ve had at camp. Camp Wasiu II is my favorite place on earth."

-Natalie C. (age 15)

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