Announcing the 2019 Girl Scout Cookie Program Successes
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Announcing the 2019 Girl Scout Cookie Program Successes

Cookie Card - Congrats

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU to all of the girls, volunteers, parents, and supporters who made the 2019 Girl Scout Cookie Program a success!

YOU are powering new, unique, and amazing experiences—adventures that broaden their worlds, help them gain essential life skills and entrepreneurial expertise, and prepare them to practice a lifetime of leadership, and we couldn't do it without you.

Gift of Caring Program

Our community came out big to support our girls. This year’s Gift of Caring donation was incredible - we had a total of 4,576 packages donated! That's more than 1,000 packages more than last year.

Top Sellers 

The numbers are in and we've got some MEGA congratulations to give out!

And the 2019 Top Cookie Seller is...Laney Fix!! Congratulations to our top seller from Northern Paradise Service Unit, selling a total of 2,831 packages!

Top 5 Cookie Sellers:

  1. Laney Fix, Troop 1473, Northern Paradise Service Unit: 2,831 boxes!
  2. Aiden Mellinger, Troop 1625, Comstock Service Unit: 2,167 boxes!
  3. Kaitlynn Miller, Troop 244, Portola Service Unit: 1,772 boxes!
  4. Jocelyn Gomez, Troop 1473, Northern Paradise Service Unit: 1,730 boxes!
  5. Debra Lester, Troop 19, Peavine Service Unit: 1,578 boxes!

Top Selling Troops - Highest Per Girl Average: Congratulations goes to...

  1. Troop 683 of the Pah Rah Service Unit
  2. Troop 640 of Spanish Springs Service Unit
  3.  Troop 83 of Northern Paradise Service Unit

Introducing the 2019 Cookie Executives

These incredible Girl Scout Cookie entrepreneurs sold more than 850 packages of Girl Scout Cookies and will represent GSSN as Cookie Executives for the 2019-2020 membership year:

  • Aiden Mellinger
  • Amaya Chapman
  • Anissa Mendoza
  • Ashlee Tang
  • Ashley Harris
  • Ashtin Mundine
  • Aspen Mueller
  • Ayla Frens
  • Brooklyn Hagman-Whitfield
  • Cassandra McCracken
  • Courtney Morgan
  • Debra Lester
  • Deidre Mccormick
  • Desiree Garner
  • Elise Swartz
  • Ellie Loos
  • Emilee Elzy
  • Emily Grande
  • Emily Holst
  • Emily Nelson
  • Emma Flamm
  • Emma Spears
  • Emmalee Sutton
  • Isabella Johnston
  • Isabella Rizzo
  • Jazmine Mangum
  • Jocelyn Gomez
  • Kacie Coates
  • Kaitlynn Miller
  • Kaylee Redus
  • Kemma Kolstrup
  • Laney Fix
  • Lily Smith
  • Macey Peters
  • Mackenzie Gannon
  • Mackenzie Leazer
  • Makayla Sanders
  • Olive Obritsch
  • Penny Banks
  • Peyton Hilderbran
  • Peyton Raines
  • Riley Hilderbran
  • Samantha Walker-White
  • Syarra Goldstein
  • Sydney Chamness
  • Tovah Jordan
  • Vanessa Lin Zareno
  • Vivionna Banks