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Local Girl Scouts Earn Prestigious Awards

2019 GSSN Gold Award Girls Scouts

(See more photos from the 2019 All That Glitters Award Ceremony)

The Girl Scout Gold Award, the highest honor a Girl Scout can earn, is only awarded to Girl Scouts in 9th to 12th grade who solve a community issue by implementing a long-term solution. Skills developed through the Girl Scout program like critical thinking, problem solving, and conflict resolution are all necessary components for a successful Gold Award project.

Four local Girl Scouts earned the Gold Award this year and were honored at the annual All That Glitters Award Ceremony, alongside younger Girl Scouts who earned their Silver or Bronze Awards.

Introducing the 2019 Gold Award Girl Scouts:

Irene De Haan - STEAM Camp

Irene took her passion for STEAM education and created a STEAM Camp for economically-challenged girls in northern Nevada. Each day, girls learned new concepts through hands-on lessons, which allowed them to question, build, hypothesize, experiment, and create. They were given an environment in which they were free of the judgments that girls and women often face in STEAM, and Irene enjoyed seeing them flourish and light up with curiosity.

Sara Knight - Grow Nice Thoughts

Sara created a permanent display at the Children's Museum of Northern Nevada which focused on strengthening human beings’ innate capacity for kindness and promoting children’s social-emotional character development. The display is an interactive magnetic mural/exhibit featuring a “Kindness Tree” for children to engage and practice “growing nice thoughts” through written and verbal activities to create a community art piece. Her hope is that this project will spark one small act of kindness to extend into the community. 

Gillian Mandel - Friends of the Linear Park

Gillian recognized a need in her community at Linear Park, so she addressed it with her Girl Scout Gold Award! She formed a team of city officials and volunteers to tackle the disrepair, including installing a bench, trash cans, raptor poles, and cleaning up the weeds and trash.

Emilie Rodriguez - Equestrian Trail Fun Course for Kids

Emilie combined her love for horses, working with children, and her military family background to create the Equestrian Trail Fun Course for Kids for the Sierra Nevada Horses and Heroes (SNHH) program! Since SNHH currently provides equestrian therapy for wounded warriors, her goal was to provide a similar therapy for children of wounded warriors to participate in the healing process alongside their recovering family member. 

Emilie was also awarded the Crutchfield-Healy Scholarship for her efforts and dedication!


See more photos from the 2019 All That Glitters Award Ceremony.