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March 5 is Digital Day!


March 5 is Digital Day!

All girls who send 10 new emails through the DOC (Digital Order Card site) on March 5 will be entered into a drawing for a GSSN Shop swag bag valued at $50! 

  • Girls with a DOC site - Simply log into your account on March 5 and send 10 new emails. You can send them to brand new prospective customers, send a follow-up email to remind someone who hasn't placed their order yet, or even send a simple Thank You email to someone who did order from you. A thank you goes a long way - and who knows, they might be so flattered they could place another order!
  • Haven't set up your DOC site yet? No problem! Just set up your site and send those 10 emails on March 5 to be entered. 
    • Need help setting up your site? The GSSN Shop will have special hours on March 5 (9 a.m. - 7 p.m.) to assist. Stop by or contact us at 775-322-0642 or to get yours going.

Meet your goals and go on even more adventures this Girl Scout year! On average, girls who combine traditional and online selling are able to sell a whopping 42% more boxes than those who just sell in traditional ways! Everything you do on the Digital Cookie site - whether you're playing a game, taking a quiz, or checking your sales progress - helps you learn how to run a business. 

Remember! For every 20 packages sold on the Digital Order Card as Shipped or Donated = one entry into the drawing for a FREE SESSION AT CAMP WASIU II! The more you sell, the more entries you get - how cool is that?