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Triumphant Luncheon is about acknowledging Girl Scouts, both past and present, for their great accomplishments. It is celebrating all that Girl Scouts are capable of. It is celebrating those who support them, believe in them and help them rise and grow into amazing women. 

The Triumphant Luncheon is an annual event held on Friday, June 16th, 2023 from 11:30am-1pm at the National Automotive Museum. 

In 2022, we held our first Triumphant luncheon. We brought the focus to the girls, young women and women in our community whose lives have been touched and shaped by their experience as a Girl Scout. Thank you to all the to all the sponsors, volunteers, and attendees who helped make last year's Triumphant Luncheon a huge success!

This year in 2023, we are bringing Triumphant back as an annual fundraising event after we saw tremendous support from our community partners.

Special thank you to our amazing 2023 commitee co-chairs, Meredith Williams and Michelle Lopez, our wonderful committee members, and our fabulous Girl Scout STARS!

We look forward to reaching even greater heights at 2023's Triumphant Luncheon!

To become a Triumphant Sponsor (all sponsorship levels include a table(s) to TRIUMPHANT), please contact Karen Rudd  | | 775-322-0642 ext. 1225

Girl Scout Stars

Girl Scouts Stars is a group of philanthropic women with the desire to support the girls in our communities in exploring their opportunities, seeing their potential, and engaging in impactful programs. Girl Scouts Stars will enjoy year-round engagement with other visionary leaders, have opportunities for engaging with and mentoring girls while supporting the Girl Scouts mission.

Click the below link to donate and help Girl Scouts reach for the stars

Past TRIUMPHANT Honorees

Congratulations to all of our TRIUMPHANT Honorees!

2003 – Mendy Elliot

2004 – Valerie Glenn, Patricia Tripple

2005 – Senator Bernice Mathews, Katy Simon, Karen Ross

2006 – Brigadier General Cynthia Kirkland, Miriam Shearing, Sue Wagner

2007 – Sheila Leslie, Cary Groth, Nancy Bostdorff, Evelyn Mount

2008 – Barbara Vucanovich, State Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto, Jan Usher

2009 – Jennifer Satre, Lynn Atcheson, Mary Simmons, Sherri Rice

2010 – Jane Albright, LaVonne Brooks, Chris Cox, Bonnie Drinkwater

2011 – Cindy Carano, Phyllis Freyer, Dr. Trudy Larson, MD, Kathleen Sandoval

2012 – Krys Bart, Dr. Amy J. Khan, MD, Stacey Crowley, Caryn Swobe

2013 – Karen Abowd, Wendy Damonte, Mercedes de la Garza, Mary Fischer, and Laura Zander

2014 – Lynell Marie Garfield, Estela Gutierrez, Season Lopiccolo, Dee Frewert, Heather Reimer

2015 – Nathalie Atwell, Kate Marshall, Shaaron Netherton, Isabelle Rodriguez-Wilson, Dr. Lynda R. Wiest

2016 – BJ North, Britton Griffith-Douglass, Fayth Ross, Daphne D. LaPointe, Mena Spodobalski

2017 – Bertha Mullins, Christi Cakiroglu, Helen Lidholm, Jonnie Pullman, Nance Card, Promilla Mohan

2018 – Mary Kerner, Karen D. Purcell, Dr. Kristen Averyt, CJ Manthe, Pamela Netuschil, Ruby B. Johnson

2019 –Kenia Orellana, Katrina Loftin, CBI, M&AMI, Christina Pacifico, Cari Herington, Carolyn Cowan Barbash, Lara Ritchie