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Girl Scouts is a way of life that brings out the best in your girl, even in the most challenging of times. While she’s learning about science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM); the outdoors; entrepreneurship; and important life skills, she’s also discovering new ways to make your family and community stronger, kinder, and better for everyone. Plus? Girl Scouts is FUN!

Ready to Join?

Girl Scouts of the Sierra Nevada is thrilled to welcome you and your girl! Membership dues are just $35 annually for a girl member ($25 for an adult), but financial aid may be available. Whether you have questions about starting a new troop for your girl and her friends, joining an existing troop, or something else, call us at (775) 322-0642. We’re here for you!

Your new friends can't wait to meet you.

Right now, Girl Scouts are meeting furry friends at their local animal shelters, giggling past lights-out at sleepovers, and learning how their favorite roller coasters work.

Above all else, they’re having a blast—because they know bringing the fun is all about being their true selves, trying new things, and cheering each other on.

Get ready to join the crew and bring a bit more happy to your life.

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Help Girl Scouts discover their place in the world.

Ever want to forget everybody else’s expectations and just…be you? When you volunteer with Girl Scouts, you’ll be creating a community where being your unfiltered, goofiest, most authentic self is the absolute best thing you can be.

Our local volunteers lead with their hearts and spark imaginations. They help Girl Scouts explore unique interests and unlock their potential.

And grownups? Whether you have kids, grandkids, or no kids of your own, you can have a front-row seat to the fun and community, too. Press play and volunteer with Girl Scouts. You’ve got what it takes to change girls’ lives.


Registration Tips & FAQ's

Want to learn all about Girl Scouts and find out what you have to look forward to with GSSN this year? Check out the Girl Scout Family Connection.

Here is some information about Membership Dues, Finding a Troop to Join, all about becoming a Juliette (Individual Member), and more to make the registration process as smooth as possible.

Membership Dues

The annual cost to join Girl Scouts of the Sierra Nevada is $35 for a girl member and $25 for an adult member.

The cost includes:

  • $25 membership dues, all of which goes directly to Girl Scouts of the USA to support the movement at the national level
  • $10 council service fee* (for girl members only), stays with Girl Scouts of the Sierra Nevada to support the Girl Scout Leadership Experience (GSLE) at the local level

*While many councils throughout the country have charged a council service fee for years, GSSN has resisted until this year. This fee will enable GSSN to continue offering quality programming, from a dedicated staff, year-round. 

**Note: Membership and fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.**

We offer Financial Aid for both Girl and Adult members. Click here to learn more.

Find a Troop to Join

After clicking "Join Girl Scouts" you'll find our How would you like to participate with us? page. This is where you'll search for troops in your area, find events, create a troop, or become a volunteer! Here are a few tips on how to find what you're looking for!

After entering in your Zip Code, be sure to check a Radius (miles) of 1, 5, 10, or 20. Then you have the option of searching for a specific troop or grade level, next click Search.

(Exception: When typing in a specific troop number, leave the Zip Code Radius at 1.)


If you’re unsure of which troop to pick, or need additional information, click the question mark at the bottom of the troop search page. You will fill out some information and a staff member will be in touch shortly to help you find the right troop!

Joining as a Juliette

Is your girl active in soccer, softball, cheerleading, and more? Sign her up as an Individually Registered Member!  Individually Registered Members (or Juliettes) are registered girl members who participate in a way that fits their schedule!

To sign up as an Individually Registered Member, click find a troop, enter your zip code, and on the first troop search page scroll to the bottom and select Apply to participate without a troop.

Sort by Distance

To find the Troop nearest you, simply sort by distance.

Find Out More About a Troop

Want to find out more about a particular Troop? Click on More details about this Troop in the Troop Search.

A description will pop up with details about that Troop! Some Troops love to work on Journeys and earn badges, while others like to spend their time outdoors, or diving into STEM! With these descriptions, you can choose a Troop that best fits your interests. You can also ask to request more information about the Troop!

Find a Specific Troop

If you're looking for a specific Troop to join that is not listed in the girl opportunity catalog, simply choose Apply to participate without a troop and complete your registration. After use the Contact Us link to let us know which Troop you are interested in joining and a staff member will confirm with the Troop and get you placed as soon as possible!

Learn More

Sounds like you need a little bit more information - we've got you covered! Through exciting G.I.R.L.-led experiences, Girl Scouts prepares girls to empower themselves for the big and small moments when they overcome failure, face their fears, try new things, and make their dreams a reality. Watch the introductory video and check out all the different ways to have fun at Girl Scouts below. 


There are tons of ways to have fun and explore the world in Girl Scouts. It all depends on what you’re interested in. Take a look!

         You can join a troop

         You can get outdoors or go to camp

        plane_32You can travel the country—maybe even the world!

         You can explore your interests through series and events

        planet01_32You can sell Girl Scout Cookies (and have fun doing it!)

No matter which adventure you choose, each age level has something for you! Learn more about what Girl Scouts do by age

Volunteer Support

We'll help you every step of the way! Check out our Online Support for Volunteers.

Check out all the fun things happening around our Girl Scout council. Visit our FacebookPinterest, and Twitter pages!

Financial Assistance

We believe Girl Scouts is for every girl and we understand you may need some assistance with your membership registration costs. Financial assistance is available online.

Once you have completed the online form, just click the submit button. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions!


Refund Policy

Once a membership is purchased, we are not able to provide refunds, except in cases where the wrong membership year was selected or a duplicate membership was purchased.

If you'd like to stop within the registration process before purchasing your Girl Scouts membership, a staff member will be in touch shortly to answer your questions or provide you with more information.




Questions? We're here to help!
Email or give us a call at 775-322-0642.