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Individually Registered Member

As an Individually Registered Girl Scout Member (sometimes referred to as "Juliettes"), you’ll get to experience all the fun and amazing things Girl Scouts do but on your own schedule.

A Girl Scout Juliette is a girl who participates in Girl Scouts as an individual member. It is named in honor of the founder of Girl Scouts, Juliette Gordon Low. Today's girls may sometimes find it hard to fit all their desired activities into their busy schedule. If you are a Girl Scout who does not wish to join a troop, or are unable to find a troop that meets at a convenient time or place, you can still be a Girl Scout! If you choose to be a Girl Scout Juliette, you can participate in as many or as few activities that interest you and fit your schedule.

Why Should I Become an Individually Registered Member/Juliette?

There are many advantages to participating in Girl Scouts as a Juliette! You will:

  • Gain leadership experience
  • Have the opportunity to participate in all Girl Scout activities individually, so you can tailor your experience to what interests you most
  • Create a well-rounded Girl Scout experience by completing the planning guide for your grade-level, on your own time
  • Serve your community through individual community service projects and Take Action projects
What Can an Individually Registered Member/Juliette Do?

With guidance from your parent or other advisor of your choosing, you can:

fire_32 Get outdoors or go to camp

award2_32Earn badges and awards

plane_32 Travel the country—maybe even the world

telescope01_32Explore your interests through series and events

weather-sun_32 Celebrate your spirituality or faith

money3_32Participate in our Fall Product Program and Girl Scout Cookie Program

How to Become an Individually Registered Member/Juliette

It's easy! All you have to do is register for Girl Scouts here.

Time to Explore!

Once you have registered, you are a Girl Scout! Now comes the exciting part of deciding which events you would like to attend, which awards you would like to work on, and which other programs you want to take part in. Your only limit is your time and imagination!


Find out more about how you can choose your next adventure. Contact us at or 775-322-0642.